Video – Saba Lerk

On the PT team it is well known that when Saba goes lerk (not if), that marines will die and whine (except me). Here Saba shows us how to have fun in a public game.

Video – Goo walls! Kill it with fire!

One of the offsite devs is putting up some videos of ideas and concepts he is playing with. None of these are official or will even make it in, but may form the basis for stuff that does. Check out this video of goo walls and all the other videos on his list.

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The Overgrowth of NS2

A contest was run, back in the day, for copies of the combo pack of Overgrowth and NS2. Check out the winners gallery and the full forum thread for more goodness.

Video – Skulk thought process

Raven_XI presents a well explained thought process while playing as a skulk. He breaks down his actions and pauses the video when needed so he can provided the needed detail. This isn’t a ‘how to play a skulk’, it’s a ‘how to think and be effective with a skulk’. A great introduction for players to watch.

Pictures – Fake Boxart

Back when fire was invented and people still bought games in physical stores, Retales created some fake boxart for the original release of Natural Selection. While nothing came of it, it’s still fun to look at. Get an idea of what was done below and then check out the full gallery.

Pictures – Papercraft

Ah yes, the wonderful, tedious, mind numbing art of bending and sticking paper together. Why would you want to do something like that? Easy! So you can take a 2D image of an infantry portal and turn it into your own, desktop sized IP. Check out the whole gallery and download link to start making your own.